Beautify it with Bottleful Bows™!
It’s Innovative! It’s Creative! It’s Bottleful Bows™!
Just place the bow on top of your wine bottle, and go!


Why we love what we do.


Bottleful Bows™ is a wine/liquor accessories company that specializes in gifting.

Bottleful Bows™ – The patent pending bow that beautifies your wine gifting without hiding your thoughtfulness. It’s a tailored non-adhesive fit, reusable cap with a decorative bow. Just place it over the cap of the bottle and you instantly have a unique gift. When your gift is ready to be opened, just remove the cap and twist the top ring clockwise to reseal it with your Bottleful Bow™. Remember not every gift deserves to be hidden. Instead of hiding your wine behind a mask of paper, accentuate your wine with a Bottleful Bow™.

As a wine lover, I love to give wine and receive wine but nothing on the market allows me to present it with style and class.
Just place the bow on top of your wine bottle, and go! Your gift will always be remembered. And if you’re not a wine lover, Bottleful Bows™ also fits most other liquor bottles. Bottleful Bows™ has transformed and solidified the gifting of wine/liquor.